Over 75’s Health Checks

You may not be aware that once you are over 75 you are eligible for a free annual health assessment. This is part of the Federal Government’s initiatives to improve the health care available to older Australians.

Heritage and Virginia Medical Centres like to offer this service. There is no cost as it is reimbursed by Medicare. You will simply be asked to sign a payment voucher following the completion of the assessment.

Our practice nurse plays a significant role in performing this assessment and she will take you through the initial stages of the Health Assessment, before you go in to see the GP.

The Health Assessment is really a detailed look at such things as your general health, including sight, hearing, diet, sleep and any medication you might be taking. It also includes any help you may be receiving at home (eg home help, meals on wheels) your immunisation status; and, if you have any problems with shopping, dressing or bathing etc.

We particularly like to concentrate on preventative issues like preventing falls at home and checking to see that you are not at risk of osteoporosis, or thinning bones which can lead to bone fractures.

Often an ECG or Electrocardiogram is done as part of the assessment. You will need to have had a blood test done within the last 6 months prior to the assessment

The Health Assessment is not compulsory but it may help us identify any health needs you may have. An early intervention will allow you to enjoy better health for longer.

The appointment is with both the Practice Nurse and GP, and takes up to an hour. You will be asked to bring a urine sample with you to the appointment, a specimen container may be collected from either health centre.

If you are aged over 75 and interested in making a booking for the Health Assessment, please phone us At Heritage Medical Centre or Virginia Medical Centre to make an appointment.

Things you can do to reduce the risk of falls at home

  • Ensure good lighting available day and night
  • Wear good shoes, or non-slippery footwear. Avoid thongs and slip-on shoes
  • Ensure floors aren’t slippery or uneven
  • Check the edges or carpets that they aren’t frayed or worn, avoid using rugs or door mats that may cause tripping
  • Reduce build up of moss around pot plants outside
  • Use non-slip mats or strips in the shower or bath, consider installing safety rails
  • Consider installing grab rails or safety rails in bathrooms, toilets or stairs
  • Ensure pathways are clear and even around the garden
  • Ensure electrical cords are not placed near walking areas—place them near to the wall where they are less likely to be tripped on
  • Get your eyesight checked every 2 years and wear eye glasses if you need to

If you live on your own and are at risk of falls, consider a Call Alert System—ask the medical staff about this for more information. Some people may be eligible for a rebate for the government for a call alert system.

Chronic Disease Management

GP Management Care Plan

If you have a chronic medical condition, you may be eligible for a GP Management Plan (GPMP). This is a plan developed between you and your GP, usually with the assistance of our nurse.

What are the steps involved?

Your GP, with the assistance of the Practice Nurse will collaborate with you to:

  • Assess your particular health care needs
  • Assess your particular health care needs
  • Agree to achievable management goals for better health out comes
  • Identify action to be takenIdentify treatment & services that may help
  • Develop a plan outlining all of the above
  • Arrange ongoing review of goals and management as set out in the plan
  • Agree to achievable management goals for better health out comes
  • Identify action to be takenIdentify treatment & services that may help
  • Develop a plan outlining all of the above
  • Arrange ongoing review of goals and management as set out in the plan

Team Care Arrangement (TCA)

Patients on a plan often benefit from a team of health professionals and support services that can be included to manage their complex health needs.
If identified as beneficial for you, the ‘team’ which will include your GP and at lest two other health providers, will aim to help you reach your health goals. This team to be included will be based on discussion with you and your individual health needs.
Examples of health services and providers who could provide ongoing health care/ support and be part of your ‘team’ are:

  • Your pharmacist
  • Meals on Wheels
  • District Nurse

Some may already be providing care and can be included in the team.

Allied Health Professional Referrals

Referral to Allied Health Professionals by the GP may often be identified as beneficial during the preparation of the GPMP. These health professionals can become an important part of the ‘team’ that assists you to reach your health goals.
Medicare rebates are available to assist with up to 5 Allied Health visits each year.

This may include visits to an Aboriginal Health Worker, Audiologist, Chiropractor, Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Mental Health Worker, Ocupational Therapist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Psychologist or Speech Pathologist.

Are there any costs involved?

Most costs for any of the services described are covered by Medicare. However in some cases you may be charged a gap fee. Where possible, your Practice Nurse will provide you with information regarding gap charges.

What are the benefits?

  • Better health outcomes
  • Clearer goals
  • Improved self-management
  • Access to other professionals
  • Better team involvement
  • Better follow-up

Ask your GP or Practice Nurse at Virginia and Heritage Medical Centres about preparing a GP Management Plan and the services that could help to improve your health.

You will need to have blood tests prior to having a care plan done so you should make an appointment to discuss whether you are eligible first.

To make an appointment with your GP or to talk to the Practice Nurse please contact us at Virginia on 8380 9145 or Heritage on  8520 2220

Flu Schedule

You can get more information here: www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/immunisation

To find out more about the meningococcal immunisations click here.

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