45-49 Year Old Health Checks

Providing a comprehensive general practice service.

A health assessment in these years can promote necessary changes to lifestyle, delaying or avoiding the onset of chronic disease.

What is it?

This health assessment is for patients aged 45-49 years that our doctors believe are at risk of developing a chronic disease due to the identification of specific risk factor(s). Risk factor for chronic disease include (asthma, cardiovascular disease, mental health condition, arthritis, cancer, diabetes mellitus etc.)

How much is it?

At the moment, we are offering BULK BILLING service in order to ensure it is affordable and accessible to the general public.

What does the 45-49 Year Old Health Check involve?

  • Information collection, including taking history and performing examination and investigation as required.
  • Conducting an overall assessment of the patient.
  • Interventions as indicated.
  • Providing advice and information to the patient.
  • A record of the health assessment, and the offer of a written report including any recommendations

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